Toby Hoad

Toby has been a full-time woodsman since 2008 and regularly undertakes felling contracts from coppice woodland, selective felling, first thinnings, to clear fell. Using a team of Swiss Comtois and Suffolk Punch working horses, he specialises in extracting timber from ecologically sensitive sites, providing a low impact and carbon neutral service to woodland owners.

Harry Toulson

Harry has lived in the south west all of his life and attended agricultural school in West Somerset. He began his career by studying Ecology at Aberystwyth University, but soon realised that more practical outdoor work would suit him better. He has been working with trees and in countryside management ever since. He became interested in deer management for conservation whilst managing an estate in Scotland and continues to develop his skills in this area. Remaining passionate about ecology, and always keen to learn, Harry can often be found surveying bats, or trapping moths and mammals in his spare time. He is also a keen leather worker and green woodworker.

Pete Etheridge

Pete is a practising ecologist and woodland manager, having been working in the environmental & conservation sector since 2005. He provides a range of environmental & woodland management consultancy services as well as habitat management and small woods contracting.

He is experienced in working in a range of habitat types including woodlands, heathlands, grasslands and wetlands. In addition to his practical qualifications, Pete also holds Natural England protected species licences for bats, great crested newts, barn owls and dormice.